Top 12 “Captain obvious” diet tips

Ok it’s September 1st which means things are about to get serious in the fitness and nutrition department… one last week end of indulgence… or not??? I was thinking today, gee… most people know what to do to get healthier why aren’t they doing it? Well we slack off, start to eat more, drink more,.. and get to a point where we don’t care anymore…Well before you spend any money on  magic pill or a diet plan that won’t last, check out my Top 12 “Captain Obvious” tip.  Implement these and just like magic, things will start happening.

  1. Cut back on breads, especially white and wheat breads (gluten creates inflammation)
  2. Cut back on dairy products. You don’t need cheese on everything!
  3. Cut back on sugar . (sweetener as well )
  4. Cut back on red meat (high in saturated fat)
  5. Don’t eat fried foods. Forgo the deep fried Mars bar!
  6. Don’t drink colas or energy drinks. Very acidic for the body
  7. Avoid drinking alcohol . Slowly reduce your consumption.. come on you can do it!
  8. Drink plenty of water. Like 3L
  9. Increase your consumption of raw vegetables and fresh fruits. Bring on the salads!
  10. Get daily does of fiber. You will achieve this from eating more veggies!
  11. Portion control. Visit my nutrition page to see how to measure food.
  12. Strive for a variety with every meal.


Canada’s Toughest Trainer

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