New Habits= shedding a few pounds

Have you tried to stick to something but eventually just give up? Just like any human being, new habits are hard to create and especially hard to stick too. We are constantly bombarded with instant gratification and temptations making it  difficult to stay focused on our goal. Start with one change that you can manage and soon that new habit will feel like second nature. Like brushing your teeth!
All the small changes that cumulate at the end of the year  make a great impact, and resulting in achieving your goals. A good read is “Compound effect by Darren Hardy”.
Here are a few tips …
Pick one habit, for example, eating 7-8 serving of fruits or vegetables. By doing so, not only you will get more vitamins & minerals, you will feel fuller, end up eating less calories and shedding a few pounds. Start small. If you are currently eating 2 serving per day, aim for 4 consistently then 6, 8.. Too often I see clients jumping from one extreme to the other, tackling many changes, making it very difficult to stick to something, which eventually  overwhelms and then quit… sound familiar?

Have your vegetables and fruits ready to serve. You will find that it is much easier to whip up a salad when cucumbers, celery and tomatoes are already cut.

Use your Sunday to do a bit of prepping. You will be amazed at how accomplished your will feel and how relaxing it can be.

Bring vegetables and fruits to work and leave them in the fridge. Take a few servings to work in case you get stuck late at a meeting,  This way you won’t  feel the need to stop by a fast food restaurant on your way home,  sabotaging yourself.

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Protein, why it is so important

You will feel more satisfied and able to lose weight if protein is part of your daily food intake. Here is why:

  • It stabilizes  blood sugar levels
  • Protein strengthens and maintains your immune system
  • Protein enhance cell metabolism thus increase your metabolism rate
  • It helps build lean muscle tissue
  • It encourage hormone production in particular glucacon
  • Protein promotes enzyme production

if you are not a fan of meat, Quinoa is a great source of protein 8g per 1 cup. Also gluten free so good if you are celiac. Here is a link on how to cook it!


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Right about now is when you lost your drive for your January goal.  It’s normal, you are human! Time to reset your goal ! I got your back with our spring training program. Regardless if you are just starting or a veteran, you will be challenged in many different ways.  Keep it simple, keep it consistent, the work is not sexy but the end result is.

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Do more.. talk less!

Part of my presentation  I did today at Orange Theory  fitness what talking S.M.A.R.T goals.  Although I  realize that lots of you do know about it…talk about it… but are you actually doing it?

Perhaps it is an something that you haven’t done in a long time because well,.. you are already at your peak fitness??? I didn’t think so. ! So let’s get your pen out and paper and start writing.

Pick goal you want to achieve. Could be losing weight, compete in a 5km, compete in a physique competition, do 100 push up in row, cut my sodium intake etc…

Specific: Decide what you want, be specific. i.e  I want to be 10lbs lighter. How does it look like? how does that feel like? What will you be able to achieve when  you are 10lbs lighter.

Measurable : When possible, put concrete numbers in your goals. This way you’ll know without question if you’re falling behind or if you’re on track.  i.e I want to fit into those jean I wear 5 years ago.  How much will you have to workout? How much vegetable you are planning on eating per day etc..track and measure progress

AttainableAssess your limitations. You want to make sure that the goal you have set can actually be achieved. Assess your level of commitment. Are you prepare to make the commitment?

Relevant: This is a moment to revisit the “why” question. Ask yourself whether this goal will truly fulfill your desires or if there’s a different goal that’s more important to you

Time: Put a deadline! Set benchmark! For example, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds in the next 5 months, you would set a benchmark goal of about one pound a week.

Let me know how that goes for you! Remember, a set back shouldn’t derail you from your overall goal.


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How should I eat to get a six-pack abs?

How should I eat to get six-pack abs?”

To answer this one, you first have to know if six-pack abs are really what you want. (And if you are prepared to do what it takes.)

Getting ripped abs is a much bigger undertaking than most people realize. There are definite benefits to getting that lean (<10% for most men, and <20% for most women), but there are real trade-offs too.

Alcohol, processed foods, and desserts all need to be severely limited if you’re trying to lose fat and show off a washboard stomach. Social situations often become difficult. Other interests and hobbies may need to decrease.

However, if you really want to get a six-pack in the healthiest possible way,  you need to follow these principles 90-95% of the time:

  • Eat protein and vegetables at every meal.
  • Include healthy fats at most meals.
  • Eat a small amount of carbs post-workout only.
  • Limit carbs at all other meals.
  • Exercise intensely 4-5 times per week.
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

What must clients do to achieve different levels of leanness? Check out: The cost of getting lean article and infographic

reference: Precision Nutrition

Top 12 “Captain obvious” diet tips

Ok it’s September 1st which means things are about to get serious in the fitness and nutrition department… one last week end of indulgence… or not??? I was thinking today, gee… most people know what to do to get healthier why aren’t they doing it? Well we slack off, start to eat more, drink more,.. and get to a point where we don’t care anymore…Well before you spend any money on  magic pill or a diet plan that won’t last, check out my Top 12 “Captain Obvious” tip.  Implement these and just like magic, things will start happening.

  1. Cut back on breads, especially white and wheat breads (gluten creates inflammation)
  2. Cut back on dairy products. You don’t need cheese on everything!
  3. Cut back on sugar . (sweetener as well )
  4. Cut back on red meat (high in saturated fat)
  5. Don’t eat fried foods. Forgo the deep fried Mars bar!
  6. Don’t drink colas or energy drinks. Very acidic for the body
  7. Avoid drinking alcohol . Slowly reduce your consumption.. come on you can do it!
  8. Drink plenty of water. Like 3L
  9. Increase your consumption of raw vegetables and fresh fruits. Bring on the salads!
  10. Get daily does of fiber. You will achieve this from eating more veggies!
  11. Portion control. Visit my nutrition page to see how to measure food.
  12. Strive for a variety with every meal.


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