Back on track

Lets’s face it .. we are 3 weeks away from  back school  and usually that means everyone is back on track, making lunches, no more lazy days at the cottage, feeling rejuvenated with the fresh air etc… The hardest part, I have to say is to go “cold turkey” on your habits…  I can’t do it! Just like your are telling your kids to start practicing to go to bed early.. you have to start weaning yourself off the sugar, alchool and fat fun food, etc…  reduce your portion, drink more water in between those wine glasses so when September hits you can go hard core!

I have been using to keep me on track, you may want to give it a try.

Coming September, I will be offering Small Group Classes Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 6:00am-6:40am .  Check out our Price and Package section



Canada’s Toughest trainer

Summer schedule

Blaze is taking the week end off this summer! yes you read it right no classes on Saturdays until after Labor day. Why? between being out of town and competing things got a little ugly. I will be posting workout schedule that you can do at home, at the cottage or at the beach. They will be posted on our Private facebook page

Happy Summer

PS: Class is still going on Tuesday & Thursday 6:30pm

Give Back for April

Blaze Athletics will give back $50 this month to a charity of its members choice! Because we care about our members and would like to support them in what they believe in.

This will happen a couple times a year. So Stay tune!

To have your charity chosen, please post your favorite charity on our private Facebook page. I will pick randomly and will make a donation on your behalf.

Give Back,
Brigitte Blais
Canada’s Toughest trainer

Spring is here! –

Often people do tell me they “eat well” and don’t understand why they are not loosing weight or gaining muscles. Without proper nutrition, you will struggle with weight, body composition, metabolism, and many more of your health goal. If you have invested time and efforts at the gym or in your living room working out, it is only logic to eat well to see the fruit of your hard work. Great results will come from having great workout ethics and great nutrition practice on a consistent basis period! There is no magic tricks, just plain hard work and dedication. Start slow and introduce one new habit every couple of weeks. (check my nutrition tab if you need ideas).
One website (Free) that helped me really zone in on my nutrition for the last 2 years and really see how much carbs, protein and fat I was taking is . You can also have it as an app but it does cost money ( I tend not wanting to spend money) I did and still use when preparing for a physique show. I can change my food choices (depending on what is on sale at the grocery store) without changing my macros. I realized that this is not for everybody but it might help a few of you who are looking to fine tune your nutrition.

Happy Spring!
Canada’s Toughest Trainer

How is your new years resolution?

Many of us on January 1st decided, this is it! This week I will exercise, go to the gym, eat right, throw away all the sugars, candies and bread!! Right? How are you doing now that we are 3 weeks within January?

Drastic measures rarely last. Your strong will has lost its power. What happened? Here is the thing, old habits are hard to break. Learning new habits, like getting up 1hr earlier, or leaving work early, cook food and prep meals is not an easy task in this speedy, needy world.

However, I believe that you can do it, you just need to be patient with yourself and get back on track. We all fail at one point. Learn from it, learn about yourself and get back up. Consistency is the key to success. The day to day work is boring and not sexy at all but it will give you RESULTS. On that note,  I am inviting you to join me  for a UNIQUE FITNESS EVENT showcasing some of the BEST local fitness instructors all while supporting the Heart and Stroke Foundation! Feel good all around.

February 6th 2016 , from 9h – 12h (Arrive early to sign the waiver, doors open at 8h30) Where: Haber Community centre. Gym 4- 3040 Tim Dobbie Drive, Burlington ON

Bring water, small towel,Yoga mat and clean running shoes. FUNDRAISE to support Heart and Stroke. You can also simply support us by donating to our team.
JOIN our team –


Brigitte Blais

Canada’s Toughest Trainer




Are you a Square Watermelon?

Did you know that if you pwatermelonut a watermelon in a plastic container, it’ll grow to the EXACT shape of the container?  
It’s true
One of my favorite sayings is if you don’t take control and actively lead your life in the direction you want, life will just “happen” to you.
You’ll end up being “reactive” instead of “proactive”.
I really can’t think of anything more important for your life than being able to take yourself in any direction you choose.
Now, you can’t always control everything that comes your way, but you can ALWAYS control how you respond to it and the decisions and choices that you make.
Back to the watermelon….
Too many times we put limitations on ourselves and let our lives become shaped by our own limiting beliefs or by the people around us.
If we’re not intentional about our lives, we put ourselves in a “watermelon box” that someone else designed for us.
Peel back that “first layer” or two of thick, sludgy, junk that gets in the way of creating the TRUE path we want to be on.
Those layers are the “watermelon box” that limit what’s possible for you and shift the direction of your life.
No one wants to be a square watermelon.
You were created to be much, much more than that.
Brigitte Blais
Canada’s Toughest Trainer

To workout or not to workout?

The busy season is here! yes it comes and goes every year adding stress to your  health and your wealth!

Although seems like deadline, shopping, decorating , gathering seems to want to take a huge place in your life keep in mind that if you get sick if you don’t have the energy all of the above will not happened!!

  1. Keep you your workout regime
  2. Keep your taking your multivitamin and even add vitamin C to boost your immune system
  3. When tired go to bed! seriously stop fighting it!
  4. Pack your lunch
  5. Ask for help! reach out to a friend or delegate tasks after all you are not a superhero!

Enjoy life!


Canada’s Toughest Trainer