Maybe hanging from a tree is not your ‘thing’ but check out those testimonials and see what to expect!

I have been going to Blaze Athletics for about 6 mos now and I am completely impressed. I have lost weight and inches and gained even more energy (I didn’t think that was even possible 🙂 along with physical and mental strength. I have accomplished things that I never thought was possible. Brigitte has been an excellent motivator for achieving my fitness goals. She offers an incredible workout, which is never duplicated. Working out nancyat bootcamp has become something I really enjoy and look forward to.
Thank-you Brigitte . Nancy H.



“My husband and I are thrilled to finally find Brigitte.  Other fitness places use the same routine over and over again, it gets boring after a while.  Brigitte’s classes, however, are different every day; it keeps me guessing what we will be doing next or which part of my body willkaren&Mark be sore tomorrow =P  Though it is a group workout, it is like having your own personal trainer, she checks on you regularly, make sure that you have the right posture to do it correctly and avoid injuries.  Since I join Blaze, I have more energy and a more toned body; I don’t feel as guilty when I chow down on a big bowl of chips.  Thanks for ma
king workout fun Brigitte.”

A few years ago I was looking for a body conditioning activity to add to my endurance running schedule. Brigitte is hands down the best trainer I have ever had!  Her workouts are tough but fun and produce amazing results.   I noticed a huge change in my core strength, balance and overall fitness level.   The variety of exercises, sets and intervals keep you very busy so the time flys by. Brigitte loves what she does and her energy, passion and positive feedback is really motivating.  The classes are welcoming (not intimidating at all) and are great for people of different fitness levels and ages.  I was excited to complete Tough Mudder this year with confidence due to my Blaze Athletics training.Dana_suspended

Brigitte’s enthusiasm is contagious and I strongly encourage anyone to give it a try. You will love it!
Dana K

Hi, my name is Dianne, and I have been with Brigitte for a few years now. I was not interested in exercise to maintain my weight, but felt that in terms of health, I needed to take action. I was invited one day by a colleague and had no idea what to expect. I knew nothing about fitness at the time, but quickly discovered that it is hard work with a great reward! Brigitte’s personal touch and patience enabled me to participate with the best of them. Brigitte is an incredibly encouraging and knowledgeable trainer, knowing when to slow down and teach, and when to push us harder.

This summer we participated in the Mudderella 9K mud run. It was amazing. If I was not a part of the Blaze Athletics team I would neverme and dianne have tried it or even done it.Blaze Athletics has been a highly rewarding challenge for me, and I would not have been able to succeed in keeping fit without Brigitte.

Thank you Brigitte!!!

Dianne T.

 I have been with Brigitte for many years…  I was on and off for awhile due to some health issues, tried some other avenues – but none were as personal and rewarding as Brigitte and her classes.  She is motivating no matter what age and fitness level you are at, you set a goal and she will help you keep accountable to attain it and succeed.  Brigitte adds personal touches that keep you coming back for more.  In Brigitte’s words of wisdom – There is no doubt in my Lori_blazemind that whatever you tell your body what you can or cannot do – it will follow your direction! and she is right.  I made up my mind I could do it – and she has helped me to lose 25lbs and 4 sizes within the last year, complete the Mudderella 9k race with the team which I never would have dreamed of doing, and I have never felt stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. My friends saw the incredible progress I made and they have joined too.  Blaze Athletics is like a family and I am proud to be a part of it.  My ‘heart’ felt  thanks  goes to Brigitte for her constant encouragement in my health venture and to the entire Blaze Athletics gang for their support.  Lori W.