What you need to know

Before you come Blazing with us :

  1. Ensure you drink at least 500ml of water (that’s 2 small bottle of water) 40min before your workout this will ensure proper joint lubrication and enhance your performance. During our workouts, you will drink ONLY water! That is all that you need!
  2. Eat 1h to 1h30 before joining us. Easy digestible protein such as eggs, chicken, fish and a complex carbs are the best such as oatmeal, cream of wheat, whole wheat bread, brown rice,  non-sugar cereal (good luck finding one), small amount of good fat such as natural peanut butter or avocado. Check out of nutrition page for portion size (insert link)
  3. Right after the workout,  have a fruit and a quick absorb-able protein such as egg whites or protein shake . My favorite shake is the “BIOX” brand natural (chocolate of vanilla). You can find it at King Supplements or Popeye’s store.
  4. We start on time and finish on time.  So don’t show up late!
  5. What equipment do I need? Our location as all that you need and more!. State of the art conditioning facility with a large selection of dumbells, trx, medicine balls etc. Bring your water and a towel!
  6. Are there men that comes to your conditioning camp? Yes there is! They are usually one of the girls husband or son.
  7. Do you limit the number of participants? Yes, 20 committed members and leaving a few spots for drop in.
  8. Drop ins  rates are $15 per workouts. You need to txt me 905.484.2673, just don’t show up.
  9. I am totally out of shape can I do this? Well here is my typical client: Female into sport while  college, got pregnant, kids are now older, and took a good look in the mirror one morning and said:  It’s time for me! if this sounds familiar then you will fit right in. If not, don’t worry send me a comment and we will touch base to evaluate what is best for you.